In all our dealings with customers, vendors, our people and communities.


To foster a fun and exciting workplace where learning and engaging ensures an energized, dynamic and driven team.


In all things in order to promote a performance culture that builds efficiency, quality, profitability, commitment and unsurpassed customer service.


Beyond the standards of our industry to grow into a world class innovative and focused organization ensuring accountability throughout.


Is the bond that holds all the above values together it is the only key which can unlock the potential created by the vision.


Mission Statement

A Square Forklift will deliver genuine advantage to all stakeholders by providing best value, market leading forklift solutions through top class products, unsurpassed customer service, honesty and commitment.

Our BEE Policy

The prosperity of the South African economy is dependent on the active participation of all South Africans. A Square Forklift is committed to the principles and objectives of broad-based BEE, in which context we regard it as a vital element of prudent business sustainability practice. Our proactive role in skills development, encouraging entrepreneurship and actively contributing to the economic and social upliftment of historically disadvantaged individuals and communities will have positive effect on South Africa’s economic growth.

A Square Forklift believes that authentic commitment to BBBEE is a moral imperative given the emphasis that it places on social and economic upliftment. We believe that our constructive involvement in BBBEE will contribute meaningfully to the maintenance of a stable political, social and commercial environment and that this will facilitate long term business sustainability.

Our BEE policy is built on broad-based principles. Three principles require us to improve our BEE score each year for the next ten years, resulting in our company setting the BEE benchmark in our industry.

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