The Japanese FBRF Sit-On

The Japanese FBRF sit-on, cold store reach trucks have been operating in the South African market since the late seventies. Cab units as old as 1994, at that time still marketed outside Japan as ‘NYK’ , are still operating in cold stores around the country – a testament to the hardiness and reliability of these units.

Some units in operation at one of the larger poultry operations, have operated in excess of 40 000 hours – no mean feat in an application as demanding as a cold storage facility!

The new generation of 75 series reach trucks, with the option of stylish heated cabins and cold storage protection as low as -55⁰, are now available. They are equipped with the latest AC technology and on-board diagnostics, yet retain the solid reliability which has epimosied Nichiyu products since their introduction in 1937!

In the Cold Storage industry it is imperative that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. The robust Nichiyu range of forklifts ensures that production is kept to the maximum.



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