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A Square Forklift Celebrates its 20th anniversary this year


A Square Forklift celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.  In the last two decades, the Johannesburg-headquartered company has transformed itself from a small start-up into an industry leader in the materials handling sector delivering cutting edge products, systems and services.


Women Lifting the Way

womensAugust is Women’s month – a time to celebrate the phenomenal contribution that women make to ensuring that we live in a functional society. This contribution is way too often overlooked or taken for granted.

A Square Forklift highly values the ladies who grace their workplace. They would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the tireless commitment and dedication from the ladies to the continued success of the company. The A Square team boasts 19 of the most accomplished female staff around. Their roles do not consist of only the stereotypical administrative functions in the workplace, but extend to service control, operations and parts – in fact 75% of the Parts team comprises women – including the manager and supervisor!




Forklift rental continues to dominate the materials handling market with ever-increasing momentum as the forklift procurement method of choice. Long term contract rental of forklifts in particular now far outstrips outright sales as the method through which most new forklifts find their way onto the floor of industry.


The Japanese FBRF Sit-On

The Japanese FBRF sit-on, cold store reach trucks have been operating in the South African market since the late seventies. Cab units as old as 1994, at that time still marketed outside Japan as ‘NYK’ , are still operating in cold stores around the country – a testament to the hardiness and reliability of these units.


Combilift Aisle Master

The Aisle-Master articulated VNA forklift trucks, designed and built in the Republic of Ireland, have been utilised in ambient warehouses for several years, with proven space saving of up to 50%.  This is achieved by reducing aisles as low as 1,6m with a 15NE model truck.



Established in 1998, A Square Forklift has rapidly risen to being one of the top forklift service providers to the cold storage sector. This sector contributes over 30% of A Square’s revenue. Being so close to the industry, A Square Forklift has a real in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by cold storage facilities – as well as the solutions thereto. With specialist technicians on call 24/7, replacement guarantees and unparalleled battery guarantees – A Square Forklift enables you to concentrate on your business, whilst they take away the pain of ensuring that your materials handling equipment is available when you need it.


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