Coupled with international success across the globe we have become a world leader in the field.
Here at bravi we believe in safety first then productivity. This helps our customers employee’s to not only make their daily itineraries more enjoyable but also enables business owners to cut costs and improve productivity while adhering to safety standard regulations

Today BRAVI PLATFORMS covers a total area of 7000mq.The main plant houses a highly mechanized workshop with an automatic assembly line, as well as an area dedicated to safety and reliability tests.
The internal mechanized workshop is equipped for the production of all steel components and welding of both chassis and baskets, which is executed by our Modular Integrated Robotized System (MIRS).


Bravi Sprint

Loading Platform Capacity 90kg

Sprint fulfills the specific needs of BRAVI PLATFORMS, clients, who have long used the LEONARDO model for lifting operations. They wished to see all the features of this model in a machine that would be tailored to their needs.


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