Factory Cat Floor Scrubbers provide outstanding quality and durability to last years and years.

Floor Scrubbers

MicroMag Floor Scrubber

MICROMAG Floor Scrubber. Cleans off all that built up dirt and grime from your floor – small yet powerful.

MICROMINI Floor Scrubber Dryer

MICROMINI Floor Scrubber Dryer is known for its simple design and durable construction, offering unmatched value for the customer.

MICRO-HD Floor Scrubber Dryer

MICRO HD Floor Scrubber Dryer is easy to maneuver into tight areas and is simple to service.

MINI-HD Floor Scrubber Dryer

MINI HD leaves a streak of clean wherever it goes!

MAG-HD Floor Scrubber Dryer

MAG HD Floor Scrubber Dryer is applicable wherever the job is needed. These convenient and simple machines don’t skimp when it comes to getting the job done right!

PILOT-HD Floor Scrubber Dryer

PILOT HD A smaller footprint than a Walk Behind.

GTX Scrubber Dryer

GTX Rider Floor Scrubber Dryers are tough, compact scrubbers that offer great productivity.

GTR Floor Scrubber Dryer

GTR Rider Floor Scrubber Dryer comes equipped with a powerful front wheel drive for climbing. ramps

XR Industrial Rider Floor Scrubber

XR Rider Floor Scrubber Dryers are tough, compact scrubbers that offer the great productivity of Rider machines but with better maneuverability than Walk Behinds.


Floor Sweepers

34 and 34HD Industrial Walk Behind Sweeper​

TR Rider Industrial Floor Sweeper