5 Tips on how to maintain your forklift

A forklift is a nifty vehicle to have in many industries. They are useful for several tasks and are used almost constantly. Due to the frequency of their use, forklifts are highly susceptible to wear and tear. To ensure that they are in good condition, they need to be maintained. Here are tips on how to maintain your forklift:


Make sure that you check the fluids in your forklift regularly. To ensure that they are at the correct level. If you notice a large drop in fluid levels, your forklift may have a leak. Call your service engineer to repair, since oil loss would almost always result in major component damage or failure.


Perform a safety check on your brakes often. If your brakes have any issues, have them seen to by a professional immediately. If they are left, the problem could escalate. If the brakes fail, it could be detrimental to the safety of the people in the environment.


Check that tyres are not worn past safety wear limit as this could result in damage to components such as steer axle, differential etc.


Most of the moving parts of a forklift need to be greased to prevent wear and tear. If you do notice any wear and tear on one of more parts, they need to be repaired or replaced immediately.


The forks of the forklift need to be checked regularly as well. Any irregularities in the forks can affect the performance of the forklift. Be sure to inspect them carefully to make sure that the forks are not bent. Wear beyond 10% on the heel is unsafe and forks should be replaced immediately. Also ensure fork locking pins are always present, in good working order.