Established in 1998, A Square Forklift has rapidly risen to being one of the top forklift service providers to the cold storage sector. This sector contributes over 30% of A Square’s revenue. Being so close to the industry, A Square Forklift has a real in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by cold storage facilities – as well as the solutions thereto. With specialist technicians on call 24/7, replacement guarantees and unparalleled battery guarantees – A Square Forklift enables you to concentrate on your business, whilst they take away the pain of ensuring that your materials handling equipment is available when you need it.

Another of the strengths of A Square Forklift is that it is the importer of Nichiyu (formally NYK) electric forklifts which have been tried, tested and surpassed any competitor in cold stores around the country. Nichiyu pioneered the electric forklift in Japan in 1937 and has remained ahead of the curve ever since, with cold storage protection as low as -55 degrees. There are several well documented cases in South Africa where cab reach trucks have run in excess of 43 000 hours in cold stores – a feat unlikely to be matched by any competitor out there.

In addition to the Nichiyu range, A Square Forklift also distributes the Aisle Master articulated narrow aisle forklifts from Monaghan in Ireland. With full cold store protection, and option of heated cabin, Aisle Master is set to take the cold storage market by storm. Aisles can be reduced as narrow as 1.6m, with heights up to 15m. It not only offers maximum pallet positions – up to a 50% saving as opposed to conventional forklifts, it also ensures more efficient energy usage due to a reduction of air moving between the more densely packed product.

With market leading expertise, products and service, A Square is most certainly the right partner for you. Don’t take our word for it, chill out and try them!

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