Combilift - Aisle Master

Combilift, based in Monaghan, Ireland, is undoubtedly the most progressive and cutting edge materials handling manufacturer in the world today.  With a focus on developing equipment which offers optimum space utilisation with maximum productivity in the safest manner, Combilift remains well ahead of the curve…

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Despite developing the first engine powered, all wheel drive, multi-directional forklift, as well as the market leading Aisle Master articulated very-narrow-aisle forklift, Combilift has developed many other innovative products. Despite this already impressive range, Combilift continues to invest 7% of their revenue in R & D of new products.

With this customer-centric approach to product development, who knows what other amazing products are lying in wait on the horizon…..

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Combilift - Aisle Master

Straddle Carrier

Combilift - Aisle Master

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