Combilift Aisle Master

The Aisle-Master articulated VNA forklift trucks, designed and built in the Republic of Ireland, have been utilised in ambient warehouses for several years, with proven space saving of up to 50%.  This is achieved by reducing aisles as low as 1,6m with a 15NE model truck.

With cold storage space being at a substantial premium to that of conventional ambient warehouse space, this saving in space is even more vital in the cold chain sector.  With the launch of the cold storage range of fully AC Aisle-Master Electric articulated forklift trucks, with or without cabs, this dream is now a reality.  The Aisle-Master 20SE with cold store protection and heated cabin can operate in conditions as low as –40 degrees C, in an Aisle of 1780mm, pallet to pallet, using a 1000X1200mm pallet at a 500mm load centre.  Even the 20WHE, which can lift up to 15m, is able to operate in an aisle of between 1880 and 2050mm, pallet to pallet, depending on the pallet configuration.


The added beauty of reducing the space between your product is that there is less air circulating, improving the efficiency of cooling, and reducing the overall energy cost to maintain the required temperature.


These forklifts also operate on solid rubber cushion tyres, as opposed to the polyurethane wheels employed on conventional reach trucks.  This not only ensures a softer ride and improved traction, it also means that the unit can operate in and out of the fridges, on normally paved terrain, or slightly cracked or undulated surfaces, without risk to components such as gearboxes which are traditionally susceptible to damage or accelerated wear on such surfaces.


The heated cabin also boasts heated polycarbonate windows all around.  This improvement on conventional heated window means that windows are more robust, without the risk of broken glass contaminating product.  Furthermore, the articulation of the truck enables the operator to scan the product from the seat, without having to leave the comfort and safety of the cabin.


Whilst it cannot be denied that this versatile materials handling marvel sells at a slight premium to conventional cold storage cab reach trucks, the savings it stacks up in terms of space and energy, ensure that it pays for itself time and again.

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